If I say I wasn’t phased in any way, I’d be lying. And to say I’m happy with the development of others, I’d be fronting a fallacy.

You know it’s funny when you say you’re over something, only to go back on your word when reality rears it’s ugly head. In that given situation, how you deal with your predicament is most important.

So, with that said something set fire in me Sunday night. Reality snapped me back to taking notice of me laying waste to my body and neglecting my health. After seeing who and what on where, instead of moping I’ve decided to use that sentiment and push it towards something positive: I have finally found the motivation to whip my fat ass into shape.

Now the train’s set in motion and the wheels are beginning to turn. This locomotive is building up speed and I see no end in sight. And whatever obstacle, whatever roadblock that lays ahead of me trying to slow me down can’t stop this runaway train from exploding down this track.

No more doubts, and no more excuses. Time to take control of my life and get my ass back into shape.


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Leap of Faith.

I don’t take chances often when it comes to potential relationships. Sometimes the calculated risk of failure outweighs my desire to even go out and take that chance.

But last week was different.

To quote the Beatles, “I’ve just seen a face” through the means of social media. And although I was early to dismiss any chance of meeting this girl, my friends reassured to never say never. And what began as sincere doubt soon snowballed into putting myself out there and potentially meeting this girl. A girl who I never met or heard of before mind you, but one that had me captivated from the get-go.

So by the means of insane luck and determination, I ended up at a surprise birthday for an old friend from high school. And I as tested the waters, met new people, and made a good handful of them laugh… I saw her. Time froze, voices droned out, and all I saw was her walk in. Luck brought me up to this point so I could meet this girl, and it was up to me to make it count.

But, it didn’t.

My luck ran out, and my first impression was established. We only managed to talk for five minutes thanks to another guy trying to holler, and I figured out I did as much as I could without damaging anything yesterday. There’s a slim chance things can change and things can keep progressing, but as of right now I feel a bit defeated.

Alas, these feelings pass. And without question I took a leap of faith and introduced myself to the girl who I felt compelled to meet the moment I saw her. So although luck set up the stage and willpower brought me to perform, things didn’t pan out the way I hoped.

But it was a bold move forward. I’m sure high school Ryan would’ve been proud.

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So apparently at Disneyland they opened a section in Tomorrowland where you could build and name your own Star Wars droid. With that said, I couldn’t resist building and naming these two 😏😜 #starwars #disneyland #tomorrowland #clippers #itstime (at Le Pad)

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The four days of unfathomable awesomeness has finally come to a close. From a Friday turnt-up, Graduation Day, Sabarre Clan Dland day, to watching Godzilla in IMAX and Islands with a friend. Thank you to everyone who was there to celebrate with me this past weekend, and even to those I would’ve loved to spend it with haha. Now, time to jump back on the workgrind #sdsu #graduation #celebration #workgrind #helloreality #awesomeweekend

On this day, a fellow brother from another mother ventures forth to a new frontier. Huge shoutout to my boy Kris who is finally leaving us for the Navy. Proud of you bro, can’t wait to get an earful of the craziness you’ve experience once you touch base back with us here in SD haha. And remember: it’s not goodbye, but see you later 👏👏
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Sabarre Time at Disneyland 😏 #fambam #disneyland #sabarreclan #turntformickey #youcouldvehadallllthis (at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

"English 8, Home Ec, Social Studies… get no harder than middle school man. Just remember: lOve nO 1." #struglife #jrhigh #trustnoone #thestruggle #MrSmithcansukit (at Struglife)

Graduated. 😏🎓🎉🎊 #sdsu #graduate #engineer #friends #homies

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Oooh boy! Work done did it today son! Happy Cinco de Mayo indeed 😱😁 #cincodemayo #tacos #lunch #work

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Thank you LORD for Stevie Wonder! Superstition just the right song to get me out of this random Monday morning funk. Time to start another workgrind son. 👏👏💵💵 #steviewonder #superstition #legend #uplifted

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